Funny Wedding Ideas that add dash of mischief to your marriage

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Funny Wedding IdeasWeddings are very important both for the couple getting married and their respective families. But irrespective of all the fun and enjoyment, it becomes a serious affair as the both the parents want to end the ceremony with the best memories. But as we all know, younger generation is getting very innovative with everything they do, so some funny wedding ideas are sure to surprise everyone. The serious audience can for the time being forget the departure of the bride and rather laugh with their hearts content.

We at Funny Wedding Ideas offer unimaginable and out of the box wedding ideas, which can tickle your funny bones and make you laugh like crazy. Its assured that our ideas for wedding are at their best limits and don’t offend anyone from any age group. So you guys can enjoy your own marriage ceremony or add a splash of colorful mischief to any of your loved ones marriage. It depends upon you that to what extent you can make the fun continue. We offer ideas, but you are the ones to execute it with people close to you.

Having a grand wedding can’t be possible for everybody, but having an interesting and funny experience can make it a memorable wedding. We try our best to make the environment light and funny and let everyone enjoy, you can put up your unique ideas to add your personal touch to all the ideas we offer.

Have a look on some of the high lights of the funny wedding ideas we offer;

Welcome the guest with a twist:

Keep the entrance unattended, when a guest comes and looks for the person to receive, jump up from a hidden place beside it and greet with a bunch of flowers. They must be shocked for a minute, but surely they would have fun. Make sure that they learn it was all for fun and they shouldn’t feel offended.

Keep a funny register for guests:

Keep either a funny register where they have to sign and hand them stacks of paper mentioning, draw the couple as well as write a funny vow and any funny incident with the bride/groom. Although at the beginning it would look dull, but gradually guests at their respective tables would look at the drawing and reading the vows and funny incidents start to laugh uncontrollably. Dedicate a special song to the couple, on the register of course. Write the weirdest song and vow you can and after the wedding gets wrapped up, the couple can surely enjoy your efforts.

Funny Vows for your wedding:

Set a trend and add some cute and funny vows to your traditional wedding vows. Be creative and make sure to add appropriate vows that wouldn’t hurt elder’s feelings. You can say like ‘Till death do us apart, and you gift flowers everyday’. Make it sound funny and interesting, work out before few days and when you exchange rings, follow the vows and add your twist politely and very seriously. So that when the vows sink in let everybody around them they burst out laughing.

Do some song fixing with the DJ:

You want to surprise the couple then don’t waste your time. Get hold of the DJ and explain him what to do, let him crack some really funny and interesting jokes so that the atmosphere gets into a funny mood. Tell him to add some important and interesting incidents about the bride/groom and dedicate a song for that occasion. It surely would touch their hearts and make it a special day for them.

Dance with Fun:

Be little adventurous and dance down the aisle after exchanging vows, but after beginning the traditional dance change it to a peppy number and look for the worth treasured experience of your guest and families. Make them dance with their own partners and treasure the moments with fun.

Wedding giftsMischievous Best man:

Show the mischief in a unique way, being the best man go to the stage and announce sadly that the groom had a series of girlfriends who possess a key to his home. Before going upstage give few girls some keys randomly and request them to submit the same coming over the stage. When everyone is wondering what’s going on? Break the ice and announce that it was just for fun.

Dress up strangely:

Go up stage wearing a weird wig and when everyone is shocked, just remove it show your true self and make them laugh. Let them know that it was to make them enjoy, rather waiting impatiently for the ceremony to end.

 Funny ways for the first kiss:

Make funny arrangements and keep tips as who has to do what to make the bride and groom kiss each other. For example on some young cousin or friends’ table keep a note that reads dance on the bride’s favorite song, for elderly relatives make them say something sweet about the couple and so on. This will surely turn up the event to a really interesting one.

Photo bucket:

Set up a small booth where guests get to click pictures in sepia and black and white, with various funny props. Get the pictures showed live on a big screen beside the stage, so that everyone can enjoy and feel involved and valued in your marriage party.

This surely would add a lot of spice and fun to the best day of your life.